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Catching on to some culinary inspiration from some local BBQ joints in Northeast Pa, and down South, we decided to pursue our quest in “serving up the best Texas-style barbecue in Pennsylvania along with the finest service around”.

After purchasing the business in 2021, we implemented some changes to the menu and delivered a new and improved product through our catering and recently purchased food truck. It wasn’t long before the folks declared it a mouthwatering success. We also know that even the best-tasting barbecue tastes just a little better with some special sauce, so we developed our own bourbon-flavored BBQ sauce called Shoovy’s Sweet and Sassy Bourbon sauce.

The name Shoovy came from Sean’s earlier years in law enforcement, when he was given the nickname Shoovy, short for his first and last name. Because it's unique and catchy, we decided to change the current name of Smokehouse Barbecue and Catering and make it our own with ShoovyQ Great American Barbecue.


Prior to making any of the changes to the menu or methods of developing and changing the current name of Smokehouse Barbecue, the Founders of ShoovyQ Sean and Andrea Hoover, traveled south to the Gulf Shores of Alabama making numerous stops along the way to pick up whatever they could to improve their methods and products. After making stops in Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, and Alabama, they discovered a few common things that all the successful BBQ places had, their love for the customers that walked through their door, the service, and their ability to make mouthwatering, fall off the bone barbecue product.

And when he and Andrea made their way back to Benton Pa, they implemented everything they learned into what inspired ShoovyQ today “serving the best Texas-style Bar – B – Que with the finest hospitality and service.”

Our family-owned business runs on the inspiration and philosophy we learned from our road trip to this day in every aspect of ShoovyQ’s experience, ranging from the way we answer our phones, and prepare our food (from scratch of course) to the way we treat our team members (like family). Preparing every bite of barbecue with love and consistency to ensure a satisfied customer. Sean and Andrea take great pride in the service and quality of their products, and they look forward to putting a little south in everyone’s mouth for years to come!

Luke 6:31
Treat others the same way you want them to treat you.


Andrea + Sean

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