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  • What is Full Service?
    Full service is a no touch event where the clients do not have to do anything related to the food portion of the event. We serve the food with our qualified staff, usually no less than two event staffers. We do add a staff person for every 35 people but can add more depending on the service that’s needed for the event. Basically, we do it all, so you don’t have to!
  • What is included with Full Service?
    We provide the following: servers, chafer dishes, heaters for the food, serving utensils, any item needed to display appetizers, appetizer plates, forks and napkins, dinner plates, dinner utensils, linen like napkins, plastic cups, dessert plates and forks, bussing of tables, and take out containers for the leftover food items.
  • What other services do you offer?
    We offer an array of different services like hand passing of appetizers, carving stations, appetizer and food stations, cocktail party style events, water service during dinner (pitchers of water with ice placed on all the tables and maintained throughout dinner), coffee service, macaroni and cheese bars, potato bars, and nacho bars. We also offer bar service as well. This includes 2 insured, R.A.M.P certified bartenders for 6 consecutive hours of service with all the equipment needed to serve any type of alcoholic beverage. With our service, you will get a one hour of consultation with the bar person who will be the lead bartender at your event. He/She will discuss in detail your drink menu and items needed for your menu. We do offer the purchase of mixers for an additional fee. We DO NOT provide alcohol of any kind.
  • Does Soul Catering do pig roasts?
    We do not offer that service due to preparation and waste of unwanted portions of the animal.
  • Does your company deliver?
    Yes, we deliver within a 10-mile radius for free on orders over 250.00. After the ten miles an additional 1.55 will be added for every mile after the ten miles in one direction.
  • Is there gratuity added to your quotes?
    We add a 7% gratuity to our large events.
  • Why doesn't the catering menu have pricing listed?
    Pricing is not on the menu because food costs fluctuate so much and the services for each event are different. This makes it difficult to give a solid price for each item. However, once we know what services are needed for your event, we are able to provide you accurate information on pricing.

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